Southern Illinois Fishing Report


Williamson County Lakes

Fishing report provided by Illinois Outdoor News

Crab Orchard Lake: Catfish action is excellent. Fish in shallow areas with leeches, stink baits, night crawlers and minnows. Crappies have moved into deeper water, and are therefore at 10-12 feet. Fish are still being caught on minnows and jigs. Bluegills remain steady around the banks on crickets, wax worms and red wigglers. Bass action has been good around shallow cover on baits ranging from soft plastics to spinnerbaits. 

Devils Kitchen Lake: Bluegill action is good in the dam area. Anglers are catching fish on pinches of night crawlers. Bass action has been good around shallow cover.

Lake of Egypt: Crappie action is slow but getting better. Bluegills have been slow. Bass action is expected to pick up as water temperatures rise. Catch a few catfish on worms.

Little Grassy: Crappies have been biting on minnows, mostly in cover in about 15 to 20 feet of water. Bass action has improved, but remains slow. Plastic worms have worked best. Bluegills are running small and biting on grasshoppers and worms. Bigger bluegill are biting on crickets.

Fishing ReportPhoto by Chad Hill

Southern Illinois Lakes Fishing Report

Baldwin Lake: Largemouth bass have slowed. Bluegills are biting on worms in 6 to 8 feet of water. Crappie and catfish fishing has been fair.

Carlyle Lake: Your best bet is to catch crappie and catfish. Find catfish using cut shad and shad guts off rocks by Keysport. Crappie are biting on minnows, jigs, and tube jigs by Hazlet State Park. Sauger are hit and miss, if they can be found. White bass are said to be hungry for jigs. Bluegill fishing is fair on worms, so pick up some bait and head to the lake.

Kinkaid Lake: Fishing has slowed down due to the extreme heat recently. You can find catfish here, particularly in the evening. Cut bait and stink baits have been the most productive. Bluegills are being caught in fair numbers, but most fish are running small. Bass action is slow. Catch a few crappie around deep color during the evening.

Lake Murphysboro: Fishing has slowed. Anglers are still taking catfish on stink baits and cut baits during the evening. That’s a good time to fish. Find bluegill in shallow areas on a variety of baits, but most fish are running small. Meanwhile, bass action is slow.

Mermet Lake: Fishing has been slow on all fronts, however, crappie action has improved in recent weeks. Use jigs to catch most crappie. Bass fishing has been slow.

Rend Lake: Find bass in shallow bays near brush cover and bushes. Catch fish around bridges and along the rocks. Find fish around Jackie Branch, Sandusky Cove and below the dam. Find Crappie in flooded brushy areas (set bait 2 inches deep). Catch fish shallow in buck brush around any cove and also deep water around brush piles. Go to the Gun Creek Area. From shore, fish near structures, for instance.  You can find the hot spots near Jackie Branch and Sandusky and Marcum coves and North Marcum Boat Ramp. Creeks running into the lake are hot spots for channel catfish, though. So, try the Waltonville Dam, Turnip Patch, Jackie Branch and North Sandusky Day Use Area. Set line 3-4 feet from the shore over rocks and use leeches in moving water because fish are schooling on the flats.