Burns Hunting Club

Specializing in mallard duck hunting and Canada goose hunting in Southern Illinois. With the goose migration shifting in the 90s, Burns developed their duck habitat and within 2 years were shooting more ducks than geese.




Burns Hunting Club holds the #1 total waterfowl harvest from 1988 to 2012 and has remained one of the top 3 goose harvest clubs in the Southern Illinois quota zone since 1988. Burns also holds the all-time commercial club harvest record for Canada geese in the state of Illinois, with a total of 2,724 Canada geese taken in the 93-94 season (51-day season).


Bordering the South side of Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge and 1.7 miles West of Route 148 on Grassy Road are 4 pits of water hunting for geese and ducks.


Mallard duck and Canada goose decoy shooting.
7-large, heated, dry pits of which 3 are over water.
Large spreads of quality decoys (up to 1,000 per pit).
Transportation to and from the pits via 4-wheel drive p/ups and ATV’s.
Communication between pits.

Tips for Burns Hunting Club

Become a Member – Managers are Tom and Janet Burns offer reasonable rates for daily hunts, as well as individual or corporate yearly memberships.


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