Drizzle Mini Donuts

Drizzle Mini Donuts is a locally owned food truck that serves up delicious mini donuts with a variety of drizzle toppings. They serve hot 'n fresh mini donuts across Southern Illinois! Find this food trailer and friendly staff at festivals and events throughout the area.

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On A Mission

Drizzle Mini Donuts doesn't just provide great food and service to their customers, they also give back to the communities in which they serve. 10% of proceeds go back to local non-profits in the area. Look for the sign that is set up at every event to see where your donut dollars are going! Along with the donations, they also aim to spread awareness for any partners' needs and volunteering opportunities.

Delicious Drizzles

Drizzle Mini Donuts keeps you guessing with new flavors for each season. Try a candy cane drizzle in winter or stick with a summer fun tutti frutti.

Fresh Milk From the Farm

Rolling Lawns Farm serves great milk, fresh from the farm in Bond County: Strawberry, chocolate, orange, cappuccino, plus all the mainstays.

Tips for Drizzle Mini Donuts

Get A Snack Pack – Snack packs consist of three cin ‘n sugar mini donuts on a straw with your choice of flavored milk.

Find Them Online – See where they are serving up the sweets by following their Facebook page.


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