Herrin High School Athletics

Herrin has many outstanding sports facilities on the high school campus. With 3 gymnasiums, the school can hold many sporting events. These include, but are not limited to basketball, volleyball, wrestling, badminton, pickleball, cheerleading, dance, and flag.


The History of Herrin High Gymnasium

Ralph Legeman was the designer behind these gyms that ushered in a short craze of construction. The Evansville-based architect would be responsible for either erecting or commissioning his design to at least 34 gymnasiums and field houses in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan between 1949 and 1968. There is also the possibility that there could be a few more that have been built or razed. He used his concept first in Herrin, Illinois, where school administrators were looking for a cost-effective gym that could hold a high capacity of supporters to replace its aging building. In 1946, Legeman was given the ardent task. The Herrin High School Gymnasium opened in November 1949 with a bowl shape and ten rows of bleacher seating in an octagon pattern. Within a year, four more of his gyms would be constructed including one for the Herrin Junior High School.

Notable Alumni

Bob Staton and Ray Chapman, both professional baseball players, attended Herrin High school. Alumni also include many All Americans and 3 NCAA Division 1 Coaches.

Tips for HHS Athletics

Candy, Sodas, and Popcorn- Concessions are available during most events at the High School.

Surrounded by History- Check out all the memorabilia on the walls of the gymnasium.

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