John A. Logan Statue

In 2002, John A. Logan College erected a statue of General John A. Logan at the center of campus. Logan is shown in the summer of 1865 as he sets aside his sword, his two-star general's coat and becomes a man of peace.


History Of General Logan

John A. Logan, the man after whom John A. Logan College is named, was born February 9, 1826, in what is now Murphysboro, Illinois. Raised in a home that was a center of political activity, he came to love politics at an early age. The 1850s brought many changes in Logan’s life and a political career that led him from county clerk to U.S. Congressman. In Southern Illinois, he was “Egypt’s spokesman.” His concern for veterans led him to take part in Illinois’ first organized veteran's memorial services at Woodlawn Cemetery in Carbondale in 1866. In 1868, he helped found Memorial Day as a national holiday.


As a U.S. senator, John A. Logan was instrumental in bringing public awareness of the need for support of education. Logan drafted legislation that established normal schools, teachers’ institutes, and instruction in the industrial and mechanical arts.

TIps for John A. Logan Statue

Logan’s Motto – The College motto, “To education must we look . . .,” is derived from the following excerpt:

“To education, therefore, must we look for all the elements of national strength, and the more generally it is diffused and the higher its grade, in like proportion, will our national power be increased.”

Logan County – Logan County, IL is NOT named for General John A Logan but Logan county in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and North Dakota ARE. Illinois is named after his father.

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