Montgomery's Place

A historically rich venue, housed in a building with origins dating back to 1896. The extensive renovations led by Jennifer Spence transformed the space into a meticulously restored destination, showcasing a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. With a focus on a craft food and beverage experience, the collaboration between 131 Hospitality and Montgomery's Place aims to offer a unique dining atmosphere, emphasizing quality, creativity, and a sense of local heritage.



Rich History

Montgomery's Place occupies a historic building dating back to around 1896, initially a tavern known for its organ grinder and dancing monkey during Prohibition. The building later housed MacKellar's Bakery, renowned for its ``Butter Krust Bread`` and operated by former town mayor John MacKellar.

Detailed Renovation

Jennifer Spence initiated extensive renovations in 2019, transforming the nearly 5,000-sq.-ft. space from a town eyesore with structural issues into a meticulously restored venue. The project involved new roofing, concrete foundation, steel posts, and beams, along with the incorporation of historic items donated by the community.

Craft Food & Beverage

Tim Nation and Kyler Worthen, from 131 Hospitality, lead Montgomery's Place to offer a unique dining experience, emphasizing high-quality coffee, creative cuisine, and classic cocktails. The combination of a rich historical backdrop and detailed restoration sets the stage for a distinctive culinary and beverage venture.

Tips for Montgomery's

Diverse Menu – Explore the diverse offerings on Montgomery’s Place menu, curated by Tim Nation and Kyler Worthen. From high-quality coffee to creative cuisine and classic cocktails, the focus on exceptional service and delicious food aims to make Montgomery’s Place a regional draw and a local favorite.

Immersive Atmosphere – When visiting Montgomery’s Place, take a moment to absorb the immersive atmosphere created by the historic setting. The carefully restored elements, such as tongue and groove walls, tin ceilings, and salvaged items, contribute to a unique ambiance.

Historic Preservation – Marvel at the dedication and effort involved in the four-year renovation journey led by Jennifer Spence and a team of local tradesmen.  The incorporation of historic items and attention to detail underscores the importance of preserving historical structures.


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