Crown Brew Coffee Company

Crown Brew Coffee Company – March 14th, 2018

Hey readers! It’s Rachel. 

Spring (though it still feels like winter) is upon us.  That means it is travel season for us here at the office.  We have been out and about to a few different golf shows as well as up to the Palmer House Chicago for the Governor’s Conference on Travel and Tourism.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the inside of this beautiful establishment, I would put it on your to-do list.  For three days, we absorbed knowledge from many talented speakers ranging from Illinois Office of Tourism Director, Cory Jobe, to first lady of Illinois, Diana Rauner.  We all had our share of fun and entertainment as well.


Illinois Made Maker

For the first time, our County had a local business that was inducted into the Illinois Made Program.  Crown Brew Coffee Company of Carterville, was ‘crowned’ an Illinois Made Maker by the Illinois Office of Tourism and Cory Jobe himself!  If you haven’t heard of Illinois Made before, I’ll give you a brief explanation of what it takes to earn this prestigious title.  Businesses, artisans, or craftspeople must embody the personal spirit of Illinois through and through by this criterion:

            -Located in the state of Illinois           

            -Open to the public with an amazing visitor experience available to travelers

            -Produce all crafts, products, and wares in Illinois

            -Live by the “Illinois Made” mantra by sourcing materials or expertise from other local businesses or Illinoisans

Therefore, you can imagine the excitement that the owners from Crown Brew had to earn this kind of special recognition.  Josh, Jared, and Andy joined us for the entire conference, and we were so excited for them as well!  Furthermore, it was such a pleasure learning more about them and their fast-growing business.


Crown Brew Coffee Company

So, upon returning, I headed over to Carterville to check out the shop.  As soon as I walked through the door, the aromas, ambiance, and aesthetics had me convinced that this was a place for anyone to enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee.  I had the pleasure of talking to Justin, who has been working there for about 2-3 months.  In addition, he had previously been working in Australia- so cool!

Right-off the bat, he asked questions about what types of coffee I liked and the different flavors I enjoyed.  Embarrassingly, I gave the generic response “I have been buying Hazelnut K-Cups”.  He was super patient with me, which made me feel better.  Eventually, we decided on a Pour Over with Guatemala beans and a bit of “Turtle” flavoring (dark chocolate and caramel mixed) – YUM.  He began his process and explained everything step-by-step.  I felt like I was in a mini coffee brewing session!  Before I knew it, I had a cup of coffee right in front of me in the cutest mug.


The Experience

People – I cannot remember a time when coffee has tasted so rich and fresh.  I sat down, sipped my delicios drink, and let the sounds of artists like Jack Johnson and Josh Radin soothe my ears (seriously awesome taste in tunes).  I relaxed and breezed through my planner as I took in the surroundings, noticing the adorable succulent centerpieces on the tables and the rustic décor.  Whoever designed this needs to design my house.  Justin checked to see if I needed a donut or scone.  After that, we talked about different breakfast foods and he gave me some good ideas to try as well.

Fun fact: Crown Brew has a nifty loyalty system which uses your phone number so that every time you buy a drink you get a star, and once you earn five stars you get a dollar off your next purchase.  No punch cards necessary!  These guys are living in the future.

Crown Brew Coffee Co.

Crown Brew Coffee Co.Crown Brew Coffee Co.


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Anyway – the most important part of the experience is having a personal connection that leaves a lasting impression and will ensure a returning customer!  Local businesses like Crown Brew offer a genuine experience, and take time to make sure their customers are satisfied.  If you’re a traveler or need a new local spot to get your daily caffeine on your commute, then make a trip to Crown Brew and taste the experience for yourself!  Go hence and get your fix!

To learn more about the Illinois Made Program, visit

To learn more about Crown Brew Coffee Company, visit

Crown Brew Coffee Co.

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Thanks for reading my blog and certainly reach out to our office at (618) 997-3690 if you have questions.  Stay tuned for next month’s ramblings!