Burger Nook Café

This locally owned downtown diner is a staple for Herrin, Illinois. Grab your breakfast and a cup of joe or stop by for the diner dinner.


Diner Delights

Fans of the restaurant say you have to try the chili mac and the patty melt.

This Burger Is A Megafest

With two patties, homemade fried onion shoots, lettuce, pickle, cheese and a cream sauce, it will surely make your mouth water!

Brunch Is Better

At Burger Nook You Can Get Breakfast Anytime of Day!

Contact Information

900 South Park Avenue Herrin, Illinois 62948 | (618) 942-3640

facebook.com/burgernookcafe | thenook2@gmail.com

Monday-Friday 6am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 6am-2pm

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