Coal Miners Memorial

A beautiful memorial to the history of the Coal Industry in Southern Illinois. In the late eighteen hundreds, there were many thriving communities that were totally dependent on area coal mines. Now there is a Memorial to honor all miners. Dedicated on October 14th, 2000, the Coal Miners Memorial is a tribute to all Southern Illinois coal miners of the past century. The inscription at the base of the statue reads, “In memory of coal miners who gave so much that future generations may benefit with a better life. They labored, served their country, sacrificed for their families and some lost their lives. We honor and salute them so that they will never be forgotten.”



The Coal Miners’ Memorial is a testament to the heritage of southern Illinois. So many people have sacrificed their personal safety in order to provide a living wage for their families by working in the coal industry.


The center statue of the Coal Miners Memorial depicts a miner returning home from his shift of work being greeted by his son, on top of a circular brick bench.

TIps for Coal Miners Memorial

Did you know?  – The colors used to paint the memorial represent the inside of a coal mine.

Honoring the Miners – The walls at the back of the memorial feature names of area miners.

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