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Welcome to Makai Crystal Shop, your sanctuary for all things mystical and magical. Step into our enchanted realm filled with the scent of exotic herbs. Explore our treasure trove of celestial wonders, from shimmering crystals and earthy rocks to fragrant incense and celestial candles. Dive deep into the mysteries of the zodiac and beyond as you uncover personalized guidance and cosmic insights. Whether you're seeking healing, enlightenment, or simply a touch of ethereal beauty, Makai invites you to embrace the magic within. Begin your journey into the realm of holistic enchantment today.



Herbs, Spices and Teas!

At Makai Crystals, you'll discover a delightful range of carefully selected teas, spices, and herbs. Their tea collection spans from classic blends to exotic infusions, promising a soothing cup for every palate. Complementing this are their premium spices and herbs, sourced from around the world to ensure freshness and plenty of flavor.

Candles and Incense

At Makai Crystals, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of zodiac candles and incense, each meticulously crafted to align with the celestial energies of the zodiac signs. Their collection captures the essence of each astrological archetype, offering candles and incense blends tailored to enhance your cosmic journey.

Rocks & Crystals

Makai Crystals invites you to explore their vast selection of crystals and rocks, each with unique energies and stories from the Earth's embrace. From shimmering amethyst to vibrant quartz, their collection offers a diverse array of specimens to adorn your space and amplify your intentions. Let these mesmerizing treasures from the depths of the earth inspire and empower you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Contact Information

207 S Pershing St , Energy, IL,  | (618) 727-3080

Monday-Friday 12pm-6pm | Saturday & Sunday 11am-6pm

More at Makai

Sales & Events – Makai Crystal Shop regularly host sales and events. From Tarrot readings and zodiac readings to huge discount sales, there is always something exciting going on at Makai! Follow their social media to stay updated on the latest news. 


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