Rides Mass Transit District

Rides Mass Transit District is a federally funded PUBLIC transportation system. Service is available to ANYONE needing transportation. Rides provides door to door and established route service. The fleet consists of lift-equipped and ramped vehicles making the system fully accessible.
In addition to our local residential and in district scheduled route services, Rides schedules out of district trips too.



Fixed Routes

Check-out the updated route schedule for Marion/JALC/Carbondale along with the new Marion Wildcat Route! Download the Token Transit App to buy your passes today!

Tips for RMTD

Contact Dispatch – State your transportation need, where you need to be picked up, where you need to go, what time you need to be picked up and if you need a return trip.

Greyhound Bus Stop – RMTD offers convenient access to Greyhound Bus Lines at the Park-and-Ride and Transfer Center.  Plan your trip today!

RMTD Park-and-Ride – Features a climate-controlled passenger terminal and transfer location near the grounds of the Veterans Affairs campus.  RMTD and other area transit providers utilize the facility as a hub to help move passengers locally and around the region.  The facility was dedicated to former RMTD CEO Bill Jung who retired from his post in the summer of 2019 after 25 years with the organization.


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