Wichmann Vineyard

Owned by Hanna Wichmann and Don Moberley, Wichmann Vineyard offers a distinctive grape-to-bottle experience, emphasizing the unique characteristics of the Shawnee Hills American Viticulture Area. Beyond award-winning wines, the vineyard hosts annual events, instills traditions, and provides a vibrant atmosphere for patrons to embrace a tranquil setting where time seems to slow down amidst the beauty of the Shawnee Hills.



Grape-to-Bottle Experience

Wichmann Vineyard stands out for its commitment to sharing the grape-to-bottle journey with customers. The owners aim to foster an appreciation for winemaking and provide a unique setting for people to enjoy award-winning wines crafted primarily from grapes grown in the Shawnee Hills region.

Singer-Songwriter Series

These events not only showcases the winery's wines but offer a cultural music experience making it a highlight for those seeking a festive and immersive vineyard celebration.

Stomping of the Grapes Tradition

Originally hosted by award-winning winemakers Ted Wichmann and Karen Hand, this interactive event, now featuring second-generation winemaker Johanna Wichmann, includes live music, grape stomping competitions, and fun activities for both adults and kids.

Tips for Wichmann

Join the Festivities – Consider participating in the stomping of the grapes for a fun and memorable way to engage in the winemaking process.¬† Compete for the championship title and take home this year’s crown!

Lucy Look-Alike Contest: Channel your inner Lucy and win the title for a free bottle of Wichmann Vineyard wine and a set of wine glasses.

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