Winery Tours of Southern Illinois

We provide shuttle service into the Shawnee Hills Wine Region of Southern Illinois and to the various microbreweries and distilleries in Western Kentucky. Let us help you tailor a tour for your group! Wineries, breweries and distilleries are open year round during the week and week-ends with exciting festivals throughout the year and live music on week-ends. Our goal is to provide a fun, relaxing environment in which you can experience the distinctive flavors of the region.


Southern Illinois

The Shawnee Hills AVA (American Viticultural Area) encompasses an area 20mi. north to south and 80mi. between the Mississippi and the Ohio rivers and boasts two distinct wine trails–the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and the Southern Illinois Wine Trail. The Southern Illinois Wine Region contains more than 20 wineries and 55 vineyards boasting award winning wines, fine dining, fun activities, art, music, plenty of rental cabins and b&bs, and the friendliest down-home folks to be found anywhere. Several of the wineries feature menues, or you may pack a picnic.


Paducah, right across the Ohio River, boasts its own winery (Purple Toad), two microbreweries (Dry Ground and Paducah Beer Werks), two distilleries (the historic Moonshine Company still using a recipe that supplied Al Capone during prohibition) and The Silent Brigade as well as the Arts District and many fine dinning options.


How many locations to visit – Choose four to six wineries to visit in one day. This allows you ample time to learn something about each winery and experience their full tasting experience without overwhelming your palate.

What to bring – No alcohol of any kind may be brought onto winery premises. You may bring a cooler of drinks and snacks onto the van, but leave your drinks on the shuttle.

Prepare – Enjoy snacks and drink plenty of water in between or during your winery visits. Remember, little tastes add up! Snacking throughout the day will keep you from over-imbibing.

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