Xtreme Limo

Our mission is to provide a safe and secure mobile environment in which people can gather and enjoy each other’s company. Our clientele do not have the worries of driving and navigating. They can simply enjoy the trip. The interior of our bus is designed to make it easy for people to communicate with each other instead of being forced into standard bus seating. The multi-media assets of the bus can be used by our corporate clients to convey their company message or simply used to enhance the experience.


Party Bus

Includes multimedia assets to convey a corporate message or enhance the overall experience. Assets include DirecTV, iPod ports, DVD player and light system.

Professional Chauffeurs

Not only do we employ professional drivers, but we also ensure that all of our fleet is up to date on maintenance and in immaculate shape.

Winery Trips

We help keep a large number of drivers off of the road on the Shawnee Wine Trail. The narrow winding roads of the countryside can be tricky if you’re not local. Xtreme Limo helps minimize traffic and make the roads safer for everyone.

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