Carterville City Clerk

Carterville was founded by George McNeil and Laban Carter. McNeil first settled the land in 1866. Carter helped establish the post office in 1871, and later the town was named after him. McNeil was one of the youngest members of the Union army and marched with General Sherman in the Civil War.

Carterville Illinois Heritage Museum
JALC Auditorium Carterville Illinois


Educational Opportunities

Carterville is known for its excellence in education and is home to John A. Logan College, which serves students from the entire Southern Illinois region.

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This unique community features a 750-seat theatre, beautiful parks, various restaurants and shops, and eclectic venues. Carterville's small-town charm and wide range of events and activities offer a lasting impression on visitors.

The Great Outdoors

Outdoorsmen can enjoy various activities nearby at the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge and its 44,000 acres of land and diverse wildlife.

Chamber of Commerce

The purpose of the Carterville Chamber is to aid, advance and encourage the business, social and civic life and the general welfare of the community.

Carterville Community Center Illinois Chamber of Commerce

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