IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation)

Each day, IDOT strives to ensure that destinations are reached in the safest, quickest, easiest, and most comfortable and cost-effective manner. It does not matter which mode or modes are used, as long as your destination is reached successfully. We plan, program, design, implement, construct, maintain, operate, respond, repair, rebuild, and innovate - it is a cycle. None of this is new. Each day moving forward, we will continue to do each of these. And, though IDOT does this very well, we will strive to do it differently - in a way that is even more proactive and intuitive. In a way that brings the Illinois transportation infrastructure into the 22nd Century, before we get there, because the next transportation revolution is due now - in the United States, in Illinois. It is IDOT’s vision to transform transportation for tomorrow.

IDOT Highway Aerial View
IDOT Black and White Highway next to Train Tracks



IDOT's roots can be traced back over a century. For as long as there have been cars, highways, and air traffic, there has been an Illinois transportation agency. The rich history of our department spreads across the entire state. From massive bridges spanning the Mississippi or Illinois Rivers to winding roads eloquently carved into limestone bluffs. And, from two-lane roads tracing through rural corn and soybean fields to dirt and grass landing strips to the steel and concrete jungle of O’Hare International Airport, and on every mile of interstate and railroad that made Illinois what it is today, the mark of an Illinois transportation agency can be seen and felt.

Design & Build

Over the past century, Illinois businesses, residents, and visiting travelers have seen the steady development of one of the largest and most effective multi-modal transportation systems in the nation including roadways, passenger and freight railroads, transit and commuter services, bikeways, airports, waterways and canals, port districts, and inter-modal facilities. During just the past 50 years, Illinois’ geographical location near the center of the nation and the diversity of statewide transportation options have made the Illinois multi-modal network a keystone and a vital hub for national and regional travel and freight movement.


Thanks to IDOT, our roads are safer in the winter. Pre-treating roads before the wintery weather and working hard to clear them after the fact.

TIps for IDOT

Roadway Information – IDOT provides the latest updates on their site in reference to road closures, work zones, rest areas, and driver information.

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