Valentine Day 5 Course Wine Pairing

Valentine’s Day Wine & Dine

Join us at Legends this Valentine’s Day, as we embark on a romantic culinary journey with our specially curated menu, where each course is thoughtfully paired with a Walker’s Bluff wine. Experience love at first bite in every dish, creating an unforgettable evening of culinary romance.

1. Amuse Bouche: Prosciutto Wrapped Apple with Brie and Balsamic, Paired with Walker’s Bluff Estate Rose
– Begin your romantic Valentine’s evening with an enticing amuse-bouche. This exquisite starter features thinly-sliced prosciutto enveloping crisp apple slices, paired with a creamy Brie cheese. A drizzle of rich balsamic vinegar adds a sweet and tangy finish. The delicate and fruity notes of the Walker’s Bluff Rosé playfully mingle with these flavors, awakening your palate and setting a loving tone for the night ahead.

2. Fresh and Vibrant Panzanella Salad, Paired with Walker’s Bluff Estate Pinot Gris
– Continue your Valentine’s celebration with a fresh and vibrant Panzanella salad. This Tuscan delight combines luscious tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, and crisp red onions with rustic bread, all brought together with a zesty vinaigrette. Fresh basil adds an aromatic touch. The light and refreshing Walker’s Bluff Pinot Gris, with hints of orchard fruits, elevates the salad’s fresh flavors, creating a harmonious blend that dances on your palate.

3. Arancini (Risotto Balls), Paired with Walker’s Bluff Cabernet Franc
– For the appetizer, indulge in the comforting warmth of arancini. These golden, crispy risotto balls, oozing with melted mozzarella, are a testament to the joy of Italian cuisine. Served with a flavorful marinara sauce, they offer a rich and savory treat. The Walker’s Bluff Cabernet Franc, renowned for its depth and character, adds an extra layer of sophistication, enhancing the overall experience of this romantic evening.

4. Tender Pork Ragu over Creamy Polenta, Paired with Walker’s Bluff Crimson Cabernet
– The main course, a tender pork ragu served over velvety polenta, is a testament to the passion and warmth of Valentine’s Day. The ragu, simmered to perfection, is rich and flavorful, while the polenta provides a smooth and comforting base. The pairing with Walker’s Bluff Crimson Cabernet, known for its lush dark fruit flavors and subtle hints of spice, speaks directly to the soul, creating a perfect harmony of taste and romance.

5. Cannoli with Ricotta and Chocolate, Paired with Walker’s Bluff Blackberry
– Conclude this enchanting evening with a classic Italian cannoli. The crisp pastry shells, filled with sweet ricotta and dotted with chocolate chips, offer a delectable and sweet ending to your meal. The dessert is blissfully paired with Walker’s Bluff Blackberry wine, whose fruity and lush notes complement the richness of the cannoli, ensuring your Valentine’s Day dinner ends on a note of pure indulgence and love.

This Valentine’s Day, treat your loved one to more than just a meal, but a journey through a world of exquisite flavors and aromas, each course thoughtfully paired with a Walker’s Bluff wine, creating an unforgettable evening of culinary romance.

Where: Legends at Walker’s Bluff
When: Wednesday, February 14th
Time: 4pm -9pm
Cost: $125 per couple

Reservations Required
Call 618-956-9900
M-F 9am-4pm
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Feb 14 2024


4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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